Tanzania Peaberry (comforting light roast)

Tanzania Peaberry (comforting light roast)

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Tanzania coffee was put on the map by well-established estates in the north. Arriving from a small farm in the south, we were blown away by the wonders of this peaberry. Bright hints of cola, graham cracker, and grapefruit shine in this African coffee. Southern Tanzania is the Brooklyn of... never mind. Hipster references are getting tired. 

Pair with buttermilk flapjacks and adventure planning.

You might be asking, what the heck is a peaberry? A beloved defect, it's when you find one bean in the coffee cherry instead of two and the bean looks all small and adorable... but when it's roasted and brewed it's a friendly Napoleon!


As always, your coffee is shipped to you the same day it's roasted.